Where Are the Best Places to Source Products From?

As the world continues to become more interconnected, businesses in Australia now have more access than ever to a global marketplace for sourcing products.

Global product sourcing has opened up incredible opportunities for small and medium-sized business owners—mainly because of their ability to take advantage of competitive pricing from overseas suppliers. This is where Premier Sourcing can help your business, allowing you to compete along with larger companies on an increasingly levelled playing field.



Premier Sourcing has over thirty years of dealing with overseas factories, manufacturers and global markets. Our extensive network can assist you if you are searching for a new product line or seeking markets to acquire better-value items.

Australia neighbours some of the best global markets to source products where our team can help look for your specific product or uncover new and engaging items.

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Understanding Global Markets

Premier Sourcing has done the hard work is discovering markets and building relationships.

China is known as the dominant marketplace for sourcing electronics and manufactured goods, while Vietnam and Indonesia are becoming known as experts in textiles. When deciding where to source products, always be clear about your product range and objectives in order to narrow down the right supply marketplace.


With an incomparable selection of budget-friendly and varied products, China is the unquestioned leader in product sourcing globally. It’s also Australia’s top international trading partner.

Consumer electronics are typically imported to Australia from China first and foremost, followed by machinery. Then a range of bedding furniture, toys & sports equipment, and more, all from our Asian neighbours!


Indonesia is a rising economy with an abundant workforce and a critical global trading partner for Australia., conveniently located for fast shipping to all major Australian ports.

From its textiles, coffee, and apparel exports to commodities such as rubber, it offers a variety of products that can be imported into the Australian market to drive economic growth in both countries!


Vietnam is a critical trading hub for the West as its economy continues to expand and evolve.

Its manufacturing sector has become increasingly attractive to businesses due to the vast selection of high-quality goods, such as electronics machinery, textiles, footwear and agricultural products. As a result, many companies are establishing trade partnerships with Vietnamese product suppliers in order to get their hands on these items at competitive prices.