We’re a global sourcing agency that brings international markets to your front door.

At Premier Sourcing, we understand that your supply chain is the foundation of your success, and we strive to be a dependable support system you can always trust.

To do that, we’ve created a suite of cost-effective services that eliminate the obstacles that businesses big and small face when sourcing from China, Asia and other global markets.

At Premier Sourcing, we’re confident that we can propel your business to new heights and open up new and exciting markets. Our team has extensive experience and connections in Asia, Europe and America – a powerful combination for any company looking for a procurement partner who will allow them the freedom to focus on running their business.

Premier Sourcing provides full-service international shipping and logistics solutions with over thirty years of experience in global import-export markets. With strategic partnerships in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia, Premier Sourcing can help you find suitable suppliers to solve your product sourcing problems.